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We are proud of the outbound sales content we create. We have a Top 25 B2B Sales podcast and our sales articles are viewed and shared by hundreds every month.

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We wanted to create a podcast that gave actionable and practical tips for the everyday entrepreneur and sales professional that really wants to narrow in on outbound sales and cold prospecting. So, we created our own podcast called Two Cent$ Worth.

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View and watch over five hours worth and 17 videos that are jammed packed with valuable B2B sales and marketing content. Our videos give you a deep dive into sales strategy, analysis and gives you a real-life feel on everyday sales scenarios you will encounter in the outbound sales industry.

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Our outbound sales content isn't industry specific, but our sales services are. We did this because we wanted to be industry leaders in specific industries when it came to outbound sales. Read our latest outbound sales report on covering B2B sales & prospecting in the commercial cleaning industry.

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We get it. Not everyone has time to read. That's why if you choose to read our B2B sales articles you will find that they aren't filled with fluff. We've put immense time, research and transparency into our sales articles and hope you enjoy them as much as we love writing them.

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